How to post to EuroTwitch

When posting messages to EuroTwitch, please remember:

  • to include a subject title which indicates the country/species

  •      e.g.: "Finland: Black-throated Accentor"
  • your name and email address at the end

  • no attachments

  • no commercial advertising

  • no off-topic messages

  • no spam

  • when replying to EuroTwitch, quote only relevant material

  • 'reply' button of your email program sends only to original author

  • send plain text only, not HTML

  • the subject-tag [EuroTwitch] will be created automatically

  • But bear in mind that only members are allowed to post to EuroTwitch. Therefore you should send mails from the same email address as you are subscribed to the list. If you like to post from a different address to EuroTwitch, you can subscribe the alternate address as well and set the delivery option to "No email" as described below.